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The Blue Rose(Pirate!England x Reader)

The Blue Rose(Pirate!England x Reader)

31.4K Reads 1.6K Votes 30 Part Story
Sarah By sessa1528 Updated Jan 30

You were never in it for the money. What you wanted was adventure, and as the captain of The Blue Rose you found just that. But now you are being tailed by the infamous Spanish Red and his trio of terror, who are looking to uncover a family treasure you had hoped to bury in the sands of time.  
   Desperate and cornered, your crew threatens mutiny if you cannot give them the gold they desire leaving you with no other options than to turn to an unimaginably rich, and evasive Captain Kirkland. However help comes at a price, and you have to be willing to risk everything or lose it all.
     *It looks longer than it really is. Each chapter is only around a thousand words each.

I'm getting the feeling I'm Lovi's long lost sister or something
                              I love the way she talks 😁
Yuki057 Yuki057 Dec 04, 2016
Also on the lookout section, I don't think you need the "supposed to be doing his duty" but keep the "where the lookout was."
Yuki057 Yuki057 Dec 04, 2016
Try "We were making our usual runs of raiding trade ships of their wine, silk, tea, and other miscellaneous objects so I could pay the crew and maybe sail for a more exotic location." I have noticed that you use the word "and" a lot so might I suggest using commas (sp?)  more often?
WhiteLion_Angel WhiteLion_Angel Aug 30, 2016
You accidentally misspelled 'characters' twice and 'frustrating'. Don't worry about it, they are big and prone to mistakes. There is also no space in between 'poor' and 'understanding'.
Yuki057 Yuki057 Dec 04, 2016
Try "and snatched the glass from the man, who was silently eyeing me with immense worry."
Yuki057 Yuki057 Dec 04, 2016
"For THE possibly impending battle." it just helps it flow a little better