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Secret Admirer: A Fred Weasley Love Story

Secret Admirer: A Fred Weasley Love Story

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Madeline Rose By MissingSpace Completed

[COMPLETED] *cough*finally*cough*

"Come on, Fred! Give Rose the letter!" Ginny scolded her brother.

"Oh, that!" Fred replied grinning. Fred walked over to me sitting on the sofa and kneeled down on the ground so that he was my height. He handed me a white slip of paper folded in half. I looked at Hermione, Ginny and Fred with a questioning look on my face.

"Just open it already I'm tired of waiting!" Ron admitted, throwing his hands in the air. Hermione giggled at his comment.

I shrugged and opened the letter in my hand, and read it out loud...

In which Rose Stricker (a very sassy nobody) receives letters from a certain someone.

**Contains Hinny and Romione... ~~

**All pictures used in the story are original artworks by me

**Credit goes to J.K. Rowling for the Wizarding World of Harry Potter and all characters that are not originally invented by me

**All Rights Reserved

What is her house can't be Slytherin cuz she colalled Fred and George by first names
fictedandaddicted fictedandaddicted Oct 30, 2016
I love my studies, my studies, however, hate me with a viscous passion. The astronomy textbook is particularly brutal
FoxKitty337 FoxKitty337 Dec 23, 2016
I feel like her friend woukd be someone who shares a love for school. It could be Hermione but given the age difference...
SarcasticRose SarcasticRose Aug 29, 2016
I'm 5 foot and thirteen... I'm pretty sure I'll stay this way
fictedandaddicted fictedandaddicted Oct 30, 2016
Find a place full of nerds, that's what I did. I found my people. *cries in corner bc people=the internet*
MistyCoco5 MistyCoco5 Aug 31, 2016
Wouldn't that make her halfblood if only one of her parents does magic not a muggleborn???