From Chaos Comes Order (Draft 1.5)

From Chaos Comes Order (Draft 1.5)

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Jimi Rodriguez By highpost1388 Completed

JT is a student in the Chaos Quadrant of The City, and couldn't be more hopeless. Beyond cheating and tricking smart girls into helping him with tests, he has accomplished nothing in his time in school. Only his best friend kept him remotely grounded, but when he loses her, he is in danger of going down the wrong path completely. The school year starts with an insane competition, and maybe the sexy, murderous friends he makes will be enough to help him grow up and accomplish dreams he'd never be suspected of having. Or maybe, he'll just mess things up even further, and fail to protect the world from a werewolf army that is growing at a dangerous rate.
  The City is a place that regular humans have never seen. Completely off the grid in Western Europe,  it plays home to the most powerful humans that ever existed. This place is divided however, as two camps have been reluctantly working together for years. One half is in the Chaos Quadrant, having graduated from school knowing how to destroy with ease. The powers of the elements and magic much more sinister are at their disposal. The other half is in the Order Quadrant, having learned to heal, shapeshift, and create from nothing with their power. Kids in The City have to attend school together, and choose between Chaos and Order, and that decision can shape the rest of their lives. Only a few special students can learn the ways of both camps.

*The book is currently in the editing phase, so I apologize if there is any confusion or inconsistencies while new chapters are added current chapters are modified. I hope it improves the reading experience. Thank you for supporting From Chaos Comes Order. 

**Please, please, please, check out the full rewrite, version 2.0. It's drastically different, and I'd love to hear what you think!

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VioletSun5 VioletSun5 Mar 23
This just crushed me because we're going through it with my grandmother right now.
- - Oct 24, 2016
What an intense opening! Wow, you shocked me with that lol. I also love, love have you gave us some hints of the character's backstory. It opens the door to many questions. 
                              The writing was also really good!!
- - Oct 24, 2016
I've been meaning to read this story for a while now. I know you post a lot on the paranormal threads :)
SjofnHearts SjofnHearts Mar 07
This is one tough little kid. Having said that, what he's having to deal with is absolutely heartbreaking. Most adults can't even handle the pain of a loved one losing their memory of them.  My only qualm (and it's tiny) is how short the chapter was! Lovely start though. :)
He's handling it pretty well, most kids would cry or get taken away, he's a fighter. 
                              And yes he has he's faults but he's growing to conquer them. Some good writing mate
57glenda 57glenda Jan 11, 2016
you can sleep in a bamboo stand at night, and the birds roosting in the tops will alert you to anything approaching. You can feel them move all the way down the stalks