It's Time +Peter Pevensie

It's Time +Peter Pevensie

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After I left Narnia I never thought I would be able to come back. 

But that was before the Pevensie sibling came to live with me and my care-takers during the war so they can be safe. 

Then I was plunged back into my home world with all 4 siblings. 
Now I have to face a war against good and evil. Also known as Aslan and my Mother. 

Now I have to choose between doing the evil thing or the right thing. 

While trying to figure out my messed up life I start to have feeling for the eldest Pevensie. 

Will I be able to choose right from wrong?

And will I be able to figure out what I feel for Peter? 

( I DO NOT OWN ANY CHARACTERS BESIDES Lydia!! All the original characters are owned by their rightful owners!! )

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KittyKatmeowmeowmeow KittyKatmeowmeowmeow Jul 21, 2016
I love it so far! 
                              Dragon barn ALOFT
                              A little more descriptions if the surroundings would be great!
Like I couldn't bring myself to saw a tall, hot boy. 
                              So I had to stick with cute. It just felt weird calling him hot even tho he is. 
                              Idk....I'm prob sounding crazy rn. Carry on reading!
sprinkles4EVA sprinkles4EVA Nov 23, 2015
Doesn't everyone try to touch creepy white heads. It's simple human instinct
EragonNarniaLOFTRs EragonNarniaLOFTRs Jul 19, 2015
Lydia and Peter sitting in a tree. Sorry, can't help myself. I'm already shipping them! XD
EragonNarniaLOFTRs EragonNarniaLOFTRs Jul 19, 2015
Lol. I can just picture it now! Ms. MacReady having a fit that there's suddenly a person in the mansions that she doesn't know about!
EragonNarniaLOFTRs EragonNarniaLOFTRs Jul 19, 2015
Methinks there's going to be a daughter and mother showdown!