It's Time +Peter Pevensie

It's Time +Peter Pevensie

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{ KATIE • TIMBLE } By KatieTimble Completed

Lydia and Peter look out towards the ocean, but something small hits the back of Peter's head. He slightly flinches and looks down to see a blueberry rolling on the ground. Looking at where the berry came from, he saw his siblings making hand gestures that could only mean one thing. 

They were trying to convince him to kiss her.  

"I better go inside," Lydia states, but before she walks off she goes to place a soft kiss to Peter's cheek. Lydia didn't anticipate for Peter to turn his head towards her, so their lips touched for a split second before Lydia jumped away in shock. "Oh," 

Peter looks down at her with a smile before dipping his head down and kissing her softly on the lips. 

In the background Edmund, Susan, and Lucy were all smiling towards their big brother before Lucy said, "Told you they would get together." 


The characters I own is Lydia and her father. All original characters belong to Lewis

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xQueenOfBlades xQueenOfBlades Jul 21, 2016
I love it so far! 
                              Dragon barn ALOFT
                              A little more descriptions if the surroundings would be great!
KatieTimble KatieTimble Jan 09, 2017
Like I couldn't bring myself to saw a tall, hot boy. 
                              So I had to stick with cute. It just felt weird calling him hot even tho he is. 
                              Idk....I'm prob sounding crazy rn. Carry on reading!
sprinkles4EVA sprinkles4EVA Nov 23, 2015
Doesn't everyone try to touch creepy white heads. It's simple human instinct
EragonNarniaLOFTRs EragonNarniaLOFTRs Jul 19, 2015
Lydia and Peter sitting in a tree. Sorry, can't help myself. I'm already shipping them! XD
EragonNarniaLOFTRs EragonNarniaLOFTRs Jul 19, 2015
Lol. I can just picture it now! Ms. MacReady having a fit that there's suddenly a person in the mansions that she doesn't know about!
EragonNarniaLOFTRs EragonNarniaLOFTRs Jul 19, 2015
Methinks there's going to be a daughter and mother showdown!