Goku x reader (Discontinued)

Goku x reader (Discontinued)

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OtakuFangirl By Animelover2787 Updated Mar 20

I was a Dragon Ball/Dragon Ball Z fan.

I was In love with Goku and so on.

My parents are strong and so I became strong.

I watched the whole dragon Ball series.

"Ma I'm going to the shrine" I said since it was New Years.

"Bye, I love you dear"

"Bye" I said closing the door.

I walked to the shrine and saw three of my friends.

"So you guys ready to make some wishes" Rela said.

"Yep I sure am" I said.

"You know this year we should get boyfriends" said Luna.

"Yeah your right" said Biana.

"I stick with my anime" I said.

"Really Y/N" Luna said.

"Yep,Now let's go and make our wishes" I said childishly.

They all giggled at you.

We walked to the shrine and clapped our hands together.

'I wish is to be in Dragon Ball'

We all finished and left to go home.

I entered my room and fell to deep deep sleep.

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Rae26Kerrigen Rae26Kerrigen May 02, 2017
I know it's dangerous, but who doesn't want to experience dragon ball scenarios?
SolarisVoid SolarisVoid Mar 26, 2017
But why? That universe is all levels of fuked up. I would die within the first few days.
My friends: Boyfriend boyfriend boyfriend 
                              Me: ehhhh
                              Anime: I'm coming for dat boody 
                              Me: take me take me take me!
                              My Friends: smh
Goku: your kinda cute
                              someone else: aint that swuave #^-^#
                              Me: bitch im fabulous
- - Jul 22, 2016
My names Timmy. NO IM KIDDING😂😂 its aisha. aisha bond.
Tashacat43 Tashacat43 Nov 14, 2016
I'm not cute! I'm  .... I'm
                              Im a goofy goober :D k im done now *walks off*