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Undying Love

Undying Love

195K Reads 6.6K Votes 31 Part Story
A.A.B 💖 By TexasWriter Completed

Bella was your average teenager, she was plain and she thought of her self just not "good enough" and when her boyfriend or shall I say ex boyfriend Edward breaks up with her it's like a slap to her self esteem. After being in a catatonic state for 3 months she decides that she shouldn't be loathing over their breakup. She changes her attitude and appearance and moves away from Forks to Houston Texas. A few years later one southern gentleman comes back into her life and turns her world upside down and teaches her how to love again. What will happen when Edward comes back into her life? And when one vampire comes back to finish her life? Follow Bella in this twisting tale of vengeance, happiness, and of course undying love.

**Stephanie Meyer owns all the characters of twilight except the ones I create and the plot. I hope you enjoy :)**

  • bella
  • cullens
  • humor
  • jasper
  • vampire
  • whitlocks