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Beckyyy By daddystyless_ Updated Aug 27, 2015

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History was my favorite subject. That's why I was majoring in it but as a freshman in college I struggled with keeping my grades up like any other student with a heavy load of classes. The only reason I was attending this tutor session was because I was almost failing my history course and my midterm exam was in 2 weeks. Becky Tomlinson, my roommate, told me this tutor was young and insanely intelligent in his field.

With my fingers crossed and my hope held high, I sat down at the small coffee shop just off campus. I had asked Becky to email the tutor and set up a time with me and this is where he agreed to meet.

My dirty converse tapped impatiently on the wooden floor as I awaited his arrival. I've had tutors in the past and they all sucked. Either too old and bossy or aren't even educated in the subject I need help in. When the door swung open and the chime rung my head snapped up to see a young loo...

    elanisosa elanisosa Jul 05
    🎵don't you open up that window, don't you let out that antidote🎵
    HoransLittleHoe HoransLittleHoe Mar 04, 2016
    And the other person would have
                                  No control! No controoolll!
    lor5inda lor5inda Feb 08, 2016
    Okay so I'm not a weed kinda person but I know people who are. And not one said "I need a smoke." And referred it to 'weed'.
    XxXStayStrongxXxX XxXStayStrongxXxX Oct 02, 2016
    Oh yaaas babe you best believe that sex god walking in like James Dean is YOUR tutor. #whoremoanalteen
    rebelheart_110 rebelheart_110 Sep 30, 2016
    She didn't even say anything rude, she literally gave you a compliment,
    r-j-lupin r-j-lupin Feb 11
    S,ee the mistake the majority of people make is putting 'defiantly' when it is supposed to be 'definitely.'
                                  Defiantly shows bold disobidence or open resistance. Definitely means in a definitie matter, without a doubt.