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Josh Franceschi expected to go to a party that night and have everything go as it usually did. It was when he laid eyes on a certain Oliver Sykes, when everything goes, well, nothing like he thought it would.

- this will be mostly sex
- drugs/alcohol
- mentions of previous self harm (not too much bc this is a sex fic and it's not supposed to be sad)
Theses are the chapter names, just saying:

1. the party
2. begging
3. an unexpected visit
4. not exactly straight
5. the mattress
6. kisses
7. vibrations
8. cold
9. bruises
10. apologies
11. bathroom counters
12. multiple confessions
13. car sex
14. the vacation house
15. fuc.ked up
16. vulnerable
17. admit it
18. perfect
19. homecoming
20. one, two, three
21. meet the parents
22. rewards
23. nasty habits
24. epilogue

Fransykes!!! okay so all copyrights go to the original author of this story. Here is the link to the original page.    i do not own anything in this story. It is not mine, it is borrowed.

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50ShadesofFukedup 50ShadesofFukedup Aug 16, 2015
Okay so I almost went ape sh*t on you when I saw this because I originally read it on Mibba XD But then I saw where you put the credit, even though you should link to the story and say where it's from.