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Alien's It Girl (B.A.P - BAP)

Alien's It Girl (B.A.P - BAP)

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vaho1997 By vaho1997 Completed

Yang Haru was a normal looking, XXX-L sized girl with self-esteem issues until six Mato aliens come knocking on her door. Now she's their Earthling teacher, she teaches them the how to live the life of an earthling and in return, they bring color and sparks to her dull grey life. 
"Haru-yah, lets talk about mating!"
"Zelo-shi, shoot Himchan." 
"That would be my pleasure."

ShyAwkwardTurtle ShyAwkwardTurtle Sep 05, 2016
I've probably read this book five times but I'm going to read it again because I adore this book so much. Author-nim, THANK YOU.
wrekai wrekai Nov 24, 2016
I can't help but laugh when I picture them as talking-habbits
efaeyne efaeyne Aug 12, 2016
Good thing I'm imagining them as the legit Matokis.
im_too_lazy_to_think im_too_lazy_to_think Dec 29, 2015
                              I CANT GET IVER IT
im_too_lazy_to_think im_too_lazy_to_think Dec 29, 2015
Ok but when I read this line I thought of something veeeery dirty.... o.o the way it was worded... God why mind whyyyy
im_too_lazy_to_think im_too_lazy_to_think Dec 29, 2015
Ok, just to let everyone know who's who (mainly for the new babyz who are reading this), here's the list of who's who.
                              Shishimato/shishi - Yongguk 
                              Tatsmato/tats - Himchan 
                              Kekemato/keke - Daehyun 
                              Dadamato/Dada - Youngjae 
                              Jokomato/joko - Jongup 
                              Totomato/Toto -Zelo/Junhong
                              Hope this helped. ^^