The Titan Thief (1st Draft)

The Titan Thief (1st Draft)

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K. D. Lohr By KDLohr Completed

~FEATURED~Assassinations among the ruling Elders of a space federation send rumors through its Quadrants. Many are pointing fingers, and weapons, at a thief by the name of Lightfoot, believing the notorious figure known only for their countless heists has turned into a more vicious character seeking to take the power of the Elders and make the galaxy tremble.

But Lightfoot - for once - is innocent.

Hired by the son of an Elder and his glowing guard, Lightfoot must find a way to uncover the true assassin behind the murders - all while keeping their identity a secret, for the sake of their career.

And lets not forget the flying cat that flits along for the ride.

Best Rank: #59 in Science Fiction
cover art - god of war

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This is amazing! I'm kinda I haven't read this sooner( well I have been gone for such a long time from this site) ive been thinking about writing an intergalctic tale but I have such a hard time building a world. You a have amazing talent, I love how you write.
I don't have time to read this yet, but wanted to say: Great cover! :D
Project_Fantasy Project_Fantasy Jul 03, 2016
Whoa! This world is so unique and the species of aliens to be found. This story will seem quite interesting. :)
BelitAm BelitAm Mar 13, 2016
Wow. I am so happy I found your profile!
                              This story is fantastic. I love tales of futuristic societies, especially ones that include aliens. Your thief character is captivating and easy to relate to, and this chapter was a great opening to the story!
Shilomarie Shilomarie Jan 23
Great first chapter! And what a cliffhanger! On to next chapter to find out what happens!
- - Feb 14, 2016
The imagery is gorgeous; you certainly have a knack for science fiction!