Spying is my life... But now I have to play soccer

Spying is my life... But now I have to play soccer

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On Sadie's last mission, she ran into Sam.  after all the drama that went on she brought Sam back with her.
they are now being partnered up for another mission in California, and while on this mission she has to train Sam.

Going undercover as Andrea/Andy and Carter, Sadie joins the soccer team so that she can protects Shane. who's uncle (Alex) that works at the school, has a part time job in some risky business. his "boss" has threatened Alex because he now owes allot of money, putting Shane's life in the way of danger.

Sam must befriend Shane to keep him close, while Sadie will try a different tactic on keeping Shane close. and soccer is a big key in the part Sadie must play.                                                          _________________________________________________________

(A/n):You don't have to read the first one to be able to read this one!:)

  • betrayal
  • mentor
  • new-friends
  • old-friends
  • paintball
  • sleep-over
  • sneeking
  • soccer
  • stakeout
Christine136 Christine136 Jul 11, 2016
I don't like her new look. I'm going to just imagine her how I want; just like what I did in the first book: soft brown hair and eyes
madison8179 madison8179 Jun 02, 2016
Her real name is Sadie and his undercover name is carter. Kane chronicles  Anybody
JoJo_1335 JoJo_1335 Dec 07, 2016
Why can't they go as a couple, FYI they look so cute together anyway...
SoccerQueen2525 SoccerQueen2525 Sep 01, 2015
Even the title of the book is stupid! I shouldn't even read this junk!!
Petra_Brooks Petra_Brooks Jun 24, 2015
I speak Serbian, English, Hungarian , French and some  Portuguese
ewbackoffwhxre ewbackoffwhxre Jun 20, 2015
Is anyone else thinking of the scene in princess protection program when she changes her look?