SEX Academy

SEX Academy

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Tayla By Kiss-My-Cookie Updated Aug 22

Located in the depths of the Glass House 'mountains' in Queensland, lies a hidden prestigious academy only for the elite and rich children of the world. 
Xavier Academy or what we call  Sex Academy is THE place to send your children. 

Parents think it's just one of the highest ranking schools in academics and your children will be whipped into perfect little prodigies. But what they don't know is that they don't just teach us what is on the curriculum but so much more.

So how did a goody-too-shoes from California like myself end up here?

Read to find out ;)

Warning- I can't stop under 18s from reading this but beware of mature content and descriptive scenes. Read at your own risk.

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ArielSB ArielSB Apr 15
I just saw the book in my friends phone didn't even read it yet and I know I'm gonna love it
I can't wait to read this and idk why. Probs cause it's filled with smut smh
girl69t girl69t Jul 10
15_16 this is little for what the guys/girl do in my school my best friend.......ok you dont want to know
15, but you one listens to age limits on Wattpad...😂✋
Sex academy is the place to send your children!........hmmmm.........what kind of parents are we?😨