My Arranged Marriage With EXO's Sehun [ EDITING ]

My Arranged Marriage With EXO's Sehun [ EDITING ]

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" Being someone's first love may be great, but to be their last is beyond perfect. "

Every girls dream is to be the last girl in the life of their special someone. But what if there is a twist?

Everything were planned. They didn't know things will turn out the way they didn't expect. Everything was fine until problems came.



Especially, Competitor.

A kind, beautiful, rich and smart heiress and only daughter of the well known family who owned ShinLei Group, Park Jinha just want to spend his youth days with her bestfriend who loves Korean pop so much.

On the other hand, a member of tbe famous South Korean - Chinese boy group or also called as the famous youngest member of EXO who is known for his charismatic visuals, rapping skills and dancing skills. Oh Sehun, who is known as an idol, has a secret that his fans didn't know and is he is a heiress and the second son of the well known Oh Family who owned a five star hotel. He is the kind of guy who is cold to the person he met for the first time.

What if their parents make an agreement for them to get married, will Jinha go against the arrange marriage? Or will she fall in love already to Sehun's charms that made his fans loves him so much?

What if everything is already fine until someone came and it became a reason for a twist in their lives?

Will they be able to survive those challenges? Or just let their selves free from each other?


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im nervous this is my first time reading exo fanfiction... since im an army i only read bts fanfiction but i also wabt to be exo-l so im starting to learn about exo...straight to the point..... can i be a exo-l