All To Myself

All To Myself

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Writerbug44 By WriterbugSecrets Updated Apr 13, 2013

WARNING: Mature Content, please don't read unless you are +18
I doubt that you are, but I'm just throwing that out there. (:

The R rated scenes from my stories.

-Celebrity Status (CS)
-Cross My Heart (CH)
-A Broken Road (BR)
-Lover Dearest (LD)

    Phandom38 Phandom38 Aug 29, 2016
    She was so not ready if she was trying to hide her body from him! GRR!
    tienmm tienmm Jun 16, 2016
    I can't think of Bridget as the girl who makes video blogs for her baby sister anymore
    I was listening to Pony by Ginuwine while reading this because Pandora loves me for some reason😂
    BW_SvdW BW_SvdW May 29, 2016
    Why is it familiar?? Weren't you a virgin, like, 2 minutes ago??
    DatSamuraiFam DatSamuraiFam Oct 04, 2016
    Familiar aye? Must have a damn sugar daddy that freaking eats her out and fingers her but no S . E . X huh? Hmmmmm naughty girl..
    - - Oct 09, 2015
    i laughed silently, nearly crying when i saw ' i gathered a few of my pervy friends' I LITERALLY DIED OF THAT FUNNINESS EVEN IF IT WAS REAL