Mystery and Restraint

Mystery and Restraint

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Art. She created art, and though it was in an unconventional form, it was still art; her art. And it was also a service. Decorating homes made Jeanette Johnson happy, but that was about it. In a city where she dedicated her time to recreating homes, she felt sort of lonely. She needed something, someone to pay attention to her; she felt empty. All she wanted was to be loved. And she happened to find it in all the right places.

He was the most silent, pensive, and mysterious man anyone had ever met. Sixteen people worked in his home, and only one of them, the butler, had spoken directly to him. Mr. Daniel Arsden was his name, and few knew it, however, many benefited from it. Daniel was a no nonsense type of man, one who few people had seen face to face, and he wanted to keep it that way. His undercover law dealings were the source of his happiness for so long, but he was ready for something different. 

What happens when someone enters his life, and changes it completely, tossing both of them into a situation they had never predicted being in? One home, one project brought two very different people together in a situation they had no control over. 

And now, it was simply a game of Mystery and Restraint.

I'm agal who likes a guy with lots of hair too. Its sexy af like get me a good beard on a man and I'm sold
High key thought that was Jesus and thought this was a sexy nun story. My bad
anetta_om anetta_om Jul 09
The guy on the cover of this book is 👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽 gorgeous. Anybody got a name for me? 👀😂🙂
Amhj89 Amhj89 Aug 27
Until you're 4 ft 8 with a child that is nearly your height at the age of five, you don't know the height struggle forreal. Lol
cupcake512 cupcake512 Aug 18
Never mind. Jeanette get with him, love him, sleep with him. I don't care this girl can eat a booty
JessykaBp JessykaBp Jul 18
Mr. McDreamy😭😭😭😭😭 derek sheppard 💔💔lmfao