Dark Endings (V BTS)

Dark Endings (V BTS)

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love you guys By slaymeyoongi Updated Aug 26, 2015

The relationship you wanted to experience was always on television drama. The love stories that you thought were so sweet and cheesy were always in fairy tales. You think, all love stories end in a positive ending right?

If you think about it, not everyone's love stories do not end in a positive way. Some experience it as a living hell. 

Deeply, someone in the world, is experiencing their love story in a negative way. 

Eun Mae and Kim Taehyung.

Warning: Sad. Depressing. Dark.
Contains some mild contents.
Read at your own risk!

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samiha_28 samiha_28 6 days ago
WHAT?!??!?!?? I-I'm....... g-g-gon-n-na..........g-g-go..............n-n-no-o-w 😰😭😭😭
The_girlwholived The_girlwholived Dec 12, 2017
Oh my god at least wait until the taxi's gone jesus christ you numpty
ChickletKookie ChickletKookie 5 days ago
So sad and so worried ..
                              It's Taehyung's reincarnation.. 
                              I hope I say the right about the "reincarnation"
--Risha-- --Risha-- Dec 16, 2017
Plot twist: he was actually a vampire reincarnated... The coffin was actually empty and here he is... Standing right in front of you.
kietii kietii Feb 13
And wait after all that..  She says taehyung and maybe it was someone else with same faces... Conicidees ehh
                              But he replied with "yeah"
                              Wait WTF. *THROWS PHONE OUT OF THE WINDOW*
sleeping-kpopper sleeping-kpopper Nov 28, 2016
I'm already crying and the story hasn't even started yet!! °^°