Madcap adventure? Travel, humor, sex and desire? The fate of the cosmos? Finders Keepers is the critically acclaimed backpacking buddy story of two dudes making their way through Europe and New Zealand, searching for their place in the world ... while trying not to wreck the Milky Galaxy in the process.
This isn't the kinda story I normally go for, but I'm gonna try it out ;)
This is quite the story ! I loved the beginning, although it took me a moment to understand the whole fiasco with the 'jar', but holly molly, if it got into the wrong hands... I'm intrigued, and now I shall read on! Fantastic job! (:
I like this story, nice job. I'd like it if you guys would read mine!!!
Great story! Loved it!! I would love it more if you guys read my stories and followed me!! c:
i just started reading this and so far i like it! p.s please follow follow follow me!
Even though I now only read a few paragraphs I think it's really good............. So far