Diabolik Lovers Oneshots

Diabolik Lovers Oneshots

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サクラ By Sakuracchi Updated Jul 15, 2015


I hope you enjoy my story.

For the story, you can request to me.

I'll make it fast as I can.



Tsundere35 Tsundere35 Feb 04
I don't care what's going on. DON'T WASTE FOOD! THATS A SIN.
AnimeOtakuGirl_042 AnimeOtakuGirl_042 Jun 09, 2016
Nails huh? How about I pin a nail inside that thick skulls of ur's?! *yandere mode/yandere smile*  (jk😝)
Di123456x Di123456x Jan 24, 2017
Oh *look at the nails and then the face* your nails are BEAUTIFUL,beautiful than your face...
                              Oh do you still have face?
ErzaCrimson ErzaCrimson Jan 31, 2016
Subaru x reader lemon,Carla x reader x shin lemon,kou x reader lemon
Echo_Kira Echo_Kira Dec 11, 2016
Your nails are so beautiful that they distract others from seeing your... face? What is that? Oh wait its your face, my bad
WakaSushi-chan WakaSushi-chan Sep 19, 2015
really nails *shakes head with disapproval* girls these days :(