School for Wolves

School for Wolves

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The idea of leaving Foster Care and starting a life of her own was enough to convince Layla Tyson to move towns, relocate to a small place hidden in the forest trees and begin again. 

She expected it to be simple, to be the beginning of a calm and peaceful lifestyle where she could forget about her living nightmares. 
Of course, it wouldn't be anything she hoped for. It would be much, much more. 

She realised just how different everyone in her new town actually was, and her heartbreaking past came reeling back to show it's scarred face to the man she wished to hide it from the most; the man who could turn into a wolf at will.


(This is the first story I wrote on wattpad, therefore might be cliche and is VERY unedited)

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lisagranttttX lisagranttttX Oct 03, 2017
She just one girl moving into that town, imagine if it was a family they would have a filed day playing Chinese whispers
lisagranttttX lisagranttttX Oct 03, 2017
She doesn't Evan know her and trying to start beef, bet she's like the who*re of this  town
FatemaTabassum FatemaTabassum Aug 15, 2017
I'm so happy that this author did not take down her first book ❤😅
retardedcunt retardedcunt May 26, 2017
Them: your just not right for this house
                              Me: YoUR JusT NoT RiGHt fOr THiS HoUse
lisagranttttX lisagranttttX Oct 03, 2017
Why the player and sl*ut allways dating in every book or at least boinking eachother???
coral538 coral538 Dec 20, 2017
Take that coffee she just gave u and poor it down her face and pray that it's hot enough to give her burns...then shove the muffin in her pants