After Life

After Life

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It was a fairly simple topic that provided a broad spectrum of opportunity. It was a subject that could be taken in a million different ways, depending on how you wanted to direct it.
This was the challenge Lane faced. To find a subject that embodied this topic, something captivating, enticing, something that would draw the audience in. And be able to justify her choice.
By a random meeting, a simple click of a camera, Harry became that choice. His eyes were what drew her in, the knowledge that the eyes were the gateway to the soul, and the guardians of ones secrets. But he wasnt going to give in her to wishes easily, and certainly wasnt going to let her in. Despite their time spent together, and their forming friendship, she always felt at arms length. 
Then it changed.  She opened a door, but in actuality opened a floodgate to his past, his story, and all the secrets he held.

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rbarton126 rbarton126 Jan 28
this a very good chapter. i love how you are descriptive in your work and make it your own. i know someone who is a great photographer as well. She isn't taking photography in college though, no she wants to be a teacher.
ellanorr ellanorr Jul 12
Am I the only person who thought Mia from if I stay at first?
Getting a little excited there, might wanna tone down a notch, Dora
Bet she'll end up with Harry. If she does, I call being her. If anyone of the girls ends up with Harry, I call being that girl
I really like the way you just describe everything, the way you just elaborate it!! It just seeems like you are a professional. 
                              Are you an arts student? ?
OMG this author is something else! 😍😍 Is it bad that this now (like literally) my favorite book of ALL TIME!!