Redacted Riddle |Edward Nygma|

Redacted Riddle |Edward Nygma|

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A face in the hive of bees, I found myself working along side Edward Nygma in the GCPD. We're the backbones to it all, before my world came crumbling down. Madness knocked the doors of the impure, Ed rapidly declined and I followed suit trying to save him. When secrets boil to the surface, I had no choice... Please tell them I didn't have a choice but save my family secret.


Book Two of Court of Chaos

Coming to Gotham wasn't my first choice, but it wasn't my last. It was a necessary evil to find myself, the city's riot called to empty whole in my chest; somewhere where I could finally be myself or at least try to be.

He found me broken along side a building coughing on my own blood, he saved me... eventually he stuck the knife in my heart and twisted it. Edward Nygma was never my friend.

Juliet Valeska returns to Gotham with an intention to find out what had happened to her, but she learns she bit off more then she can chew.