The Riddle ||Edward Nygma||

The Riddle ||Edward Nygma||

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》Ţŕöý《 By Troy-Mickey Completed

//Second place in 'Edward Nygma'//

Being just another reject working the GCPD, I  found myself working with Edward Nygma, when he needed help I was there. I didn't get credit or any thing,  I didn't want it... And with in these past few month I've seen Edwards colors begin to change shiny to starting darken and decay. He has the Riddles and I have the questions, we went hand in hand. I knew him more then what the GCPD knew, they thought I rarely talked to him.
Slowly I found Ed slowly slipping into his own madness... Which I must try to stop... Or slip into my own.

When darkness takes grasp and madness come seeping in, there is nothing you can really do about it.

No offense but its our favorite things not he and I's favorite things. Sorry I had to. I AM SO SORRY IF THIS OFFENDED YOU!
Comic_She-Dwarf Comic_She-Dwarf May 16, 2016
I was looking for a good Edward's story, I think I find it. I like your work. I would star this now :D
Imladris_ Imladris_ Aug 17, 2016
Mountain. 30 white horses on a red hill first they tramp than they stamp than they stand still.
dxddys_lil_monster dxddys_lil_monster Jun 22, 2015
I like your story I really do. But a lot of people probably will stop reading because of the grammar mistakes, sometimes I can't tell what your trying to say. I'm not trying to be a grammar Nazi but it had to be said. Keep up the good work