Life's Second Chances

Life's Second Chances

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Aradhaya By AradhayaMehra Completed

Will love be the strongest force that holds them together or be the ultimate tragedy that breaks them apart. 

With death looming like a sword over their heads, endless efforts of a lover to protect the woman he loves from all harm and misery and a stubborn woman fighting his efforts any chance she gets, a lot can go wrong and a lot will. 

Love, Sacrifice, Pain, Secrets and Lies. A test of the strength of bonds.

Anuksha like anyone had an ideal life pictured for herself. But after meeting Sidharth as per her parents request her life takes a turn. He has a secret that will tear her world apart from top to bottom. 

A picturesque love soon tarnished and broken.
Secrets of the past reveal.
Dark family history is brought to light. 
All while two lovers fight to stay above the surface.

  • betrayals
  • billionaire
  • bollywood
  • ceo
  • emotionalwreck
  • heartbreak
  • indian
  • lies
  • plottwists
  • romance
  • secrets
  • sidharthmalhotra
Rheaizar Rheaizar Aug 19, 2016
Finally! I am so looking forward to reading this book. Hope mine is half as good. 😀
Rheaizar Rheaizar Aug 19, 2016
I love this paragraph, it is so descriptive! Looking forward to more!
satwri satwri Nov 30, 2015
Always tough for the younger one ..when older ones are doing pretty good.
puppypower343 puppypower343 Oct 31, 2015
Amazing chapter!!! You are so descriptive!! I can't be descriptive at all!! I love all the characters so much!!
puppypower343 puppypower343 Oct 31, 2015
Great chapter!!! I am so glad u came across this book it's brilliant u are a very descriptive writer
thiswriterisdead thiswriterisdead Oct 30, 2015
Hey..I didn't know you write. I really like what I have read so far. Love the little details you put in into each of the characters you described. Waiting to read the rest