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unwanted-huntress By unwanted-huntress Updated Jun 12

"They saw you at the café with me"

"Who saw me at the café  with you?"

"The people who think that you know something"

"What do I know?"

"Nothing but they don't know that you don't know anything"

"They don't know that I know something?"

"No, they think you know something but they don't know that you don't know anything"

"What do I know!"


"Do they know that I don't know anything?"

"Stop! I'll die from this confusion rather than the bullet in my shoulder woman"

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BoomerT2016 BoomerT2016 May 30
                              I love conversation like that!  
                              thank you for the huge laugh!
Skylethorot Skylethorot May 23
even tho im not a guy but what if they dont have a dog? could we feed it to a shark with it still attached so they feel more pain 🙂😇🤓
Considering that this introduction of urs matches a movies dialogues, it's quite impressive really how the movie and your book are nowhere related.
Bang bang is the *kind of* remake of knight and day..and I thnk this conversation between dem reminded me of these 2 movies.. ^_^
shokosun98 shokosun98 Jun 07
This is my favourite description 😍😍😍😍it's everything  i always imagined (not exaggerating at all)