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Mira V. Hart By Mira-hart Updated Jun 12, 2016

"They saw you at the café with me" 

"Who saw me at the café with you?"

"The people who think that you know something"

"What do I know?"

"Nothing but they don't know that you don't know anything"

"They don't know that I know something?"

"No, they think you know something but they don't know that you don't know anything"

"What do I know!"


"Do they know that I don't know anything?"

"Stop! I'll die from this confusion rather than from the bullet in my shoulder woman!"

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Seems that you love that scene of the movie BangBang so much that it gave you an idea more like inspiration to make your own book😂👌
                              Btw, I love that movie too. And that's why I love to read your story too
BoomerT2016 BoomerT2016 May 30, 2016
                              I love conversation like that!  
                              thank you for the huge laugh!
Skylethorot Skylethorot May 23, 2016
even tho im not a guy but what if they dont have a dog? could we feed it to a shark with it still attached so they feel more pain 🙂😇🤓
starlightsfire starlightsfire Sep 13, 2016
Considering that this introduction of urs matches a movies dialogues, it's quite impressive really how the movie and your book are nowhere related.
my_salvatore my_salvatore Apr 11, 2016
Bang bang is the *kind of* remake of knight and day..and I thnk this conversation between dem reminded me of these 2 movies.. ^_^
shokosun98 shokosun98 Jun 07, 2016
This is my favourite description 😍😍😍😍it's everything  i always imagined (not exaggerating at all)