The White Wolf (boyxboy)

The White Wolf (boyxboy)

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Mattie_P By Song_lover_16 Completed

Matt is the white wolf, the only wolf with special powers. So far the white wolf only appears every 100 years and is only a female wolf. 
It has been 500 years since the last white wolf. Matt has to learn how to control his powers and use it for good. 
Matt is almost 17, which is the age where your wolf starts to sense there mate. Matt finds out who his mate is. Matt's mate is the... Alpha's son?!

Follow Matt's Journey as we discover what lays in for him...

The White Wolf

KDSmith16 KDSmith16 Mar 15
Love it can't wait to read it YAY I'm so happy for no reason so cookie for every one
I love the start of this book I starts lauguhing really hard when I read this
I like how the begin . I like the background information... it pulls people in
Beautiful start. Also, in your pic u look like my friend nick. It's funny
Kristol83 Kristol83 Mar 06
Your way with words tend to draw me to the story. This should prove to be an interesting read.