The Dragon Tamer ( Akatsuki no Yona Fanfic)

The Dragon Tamer ( Akatsuki no Yona Fanfic)

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Morinozuka Hime By Hime_chan10 Updated Dec 21, 2016

Tsukiko is the younger sister of Soo-Woon and childhood friend of Princess Yona and Hak. Tsukiko and Yona are like sister, always together just like Soo-Woon and Hak. Tsukiko visit the Kouka Kingdom earlier to celebrate Yona's 16th birthday with Soo-Woon. She was with Yona when they had a bad feeling and went to the King's room.

" S-S-Soo-Woon," Yona gasped as Tsukiko walked behind frozen. She is shocked seeing King Il fallen as her older brother Soo-Woon stood there with a bloody sword.

" Onii-san....," Soo-Woon look up shock to see his beloved sister witnessing him killed the king. He only wanted Yona to have witness it but couldn't believe that his sister was also there.

With the help of Hak, Tsukiko and Yona fleed the kingdom from the wrath of Soo-Woon. Tsukiko's love for her brother has changed yet something tells her that she could still change him.

" Tsukiko-san, your fate is to train their powers and to  tame the four dragons when they are in conflict with one another. The four dragons will not only protect Princess Yona but you as well. You are the prophecies Dragon Tamer," Ik-Soo said looking at Tsukiko as her eyes widen in shock.

Their journey has just begun and with the help of Hak and a beautiful boy name Yoon, Yona and Tsukiko will go find the four dragons to lend their powers to stop Soo-Woon.

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mairunette mairunette Aug 28, 2017
Soo-won had been friends with Yona and Hak way younger than eight years old. Maybe around when Yona was four?
RoboticUnicornNinja RoboticUnicornNinja Aug 13, 2016
I dont understand what she means does she mean that she will be 17 in a month 
                              or that her birthday is a month before yona's 
                              or that she will be turning 16 in a month but that would make her younger.
IHeartbreakLover IHeartbreakLover Jun 18, 2016
Her brother is him
                               I wonder how she'll react with Him killing yona father
hooliganasianfiya hooliganasianfiya Nov 24, 2015
I had this whole inner debate whether or not to read this, since half the stories have the OC be a "Black Dragon" or something...
                              She's a prophecied tamer or something, which I'll let slip by :) 
GamerOtaku401 GamerOtaku401 Apr 07, 2015
*nods in approval* hm, characters are good, beginning backstories,
                              spell check ok, and awfully interesting. Your book's grade is....*Drumroll* A+!!!
chisa97 chisa97 Apr 03, 2015
I really like this story! I don't see a lot of fan-fictions on Akatsuki no Yona so this is a welcome surprise. I can't wait for the next chapter so please update soon!!