The Fighter's Match

The Fighter's Match

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Queen Saffron♆ By thebookenchantress Updated Nov 22, 2017

Reconstructing, chapter inside to explain. 

UPDATE: I'm back ;)

"You're a fighter you know that? In and outside the fighting cage. I don't think I know anyone that's as strong as you are."

"But I know someone."

"Really? Who? Is it someone I know?"

He pauses for a moment before revealing an unspeakable emotion within his warm eyes, "It's the girl standing before me holding the world without anyone knowing."


She's the type of girl that waters her plants, keeps herself tidy (every once a while), listens to the oldies, and wears sweaters 50% of the time. Meet Scarlett Chambers. She's the type of girl that was just described, and yeah, she's different, but not too different. She's a girl that goes to school, has friends, family, and a job that she genuinely likes doing. She doesn't know what she's doing most of the time, but that's alright for her. 

He's the type of guy that prefers wearing darker tones of color, laughs at idiotic people, listens to the oldies, and protects what he truly cares about. Meet Leviticus Blackwell. He's all of what's been said, but it's certainly not all that is to him. He's rusty in his people skills and family life, so he resorts to doing what he loves--fighting. He views life in a different perspective than what other people think, but he doesn't care. 

Two old souls with different backgrounds and experiences come together to create a simplistic, yet extraordinary story.

This book is a coming-of-age story with romance, that's all. Nothing big.

HEADSUP: The chapters with the different format begins and continues off the story from my hiatus

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mamsmams1 mamsmams1 Oct 02, 2017
i loved this story! i know you're going to make it even better! good luck :)
justwantsomeweed justwantsomeweed Sep 30, 2017
Yay! I can’t wait to see what you come up with because you are a wonderful writer so it would be interesting to see something different from cliche but also teen fiction 😊
creativevic creativevic Oct 04, 2017
Yay! It's really good that you're gonna continue the story, it has a lot of potential
Varlexi Varlexi Nov 17, 2017
I'm so glad you are ATLEAST aware that this book was a bit too cliche!!