GirlxFem!Reader yuri lemons and oneshots (ON HAITUS)

GirlxFem!Reader yuri lemons and oneshots (ON HAITUS)

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Kazumi Tachibana By KaZuMi_TaChIbAnA Updated Jan 29, 2016

Here are some oneshots and lemons/smutts for you guys~ 

You can request any girl with a reader!!!

You can even chose what they might be like!


I really don't know if you got that but, alright


|( ̄3 ̄)|

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I'm ugly and weird but my oc is hot and sexy... and beautiful.
That means your vagina is on fire
                              Ya got a yeast infection
Wow Lucy and you complain about the guys doing that to you...
Umm... Beautiful lady?? Greeeaatt... You now officially need glasses. :<
llamawithglasses llamawithglasses Dec 30, 2017
I hate that muscles weigh more than fat bc I have thicc thighs that easily to 20 rep 240 lb let extensions 😂 aka THUNDER THIGHS
Giant. Lol just large. I repeat my self this is not me I have small ass boobs