GirlxFem!Reader yuri lemons and oneshots (ON HAITUS)

GirlxFem!Reader yuri lemons and oneshots (ON HAITUS)

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Kazumi Tachibana By KaZuMi_TaChIbAnA Updated Jan 29

Here are some oneshots and lemons/smutts for you guys~ 

You can request any girl with a reader!!!

You can even chose what they might be like!


I really don't know if you got that but, alright


|( ̄3 ̄)|

merda sagrada...
                              I think I might need to go to church after this..
                              I don't believe in god or jesus, and I am very very gay...but this is too much sin
                              i cannot handle this
                              im a blushing mess right now
                              vv horny too wait what.
Flatchested moderphukers 
                              (Also saying your age is unnecessary but ok)
... I need tissues HAS ANYONE GOT ANY!(runs around crazily looking for some)
Those were expensive man! Be considerate of my lack of moneys
criee9 criee9 Nov 25
The mental image of someone turning into an oven is both terrifying and hilarious
I'm so turned on right now I am so wet right now I am not lying