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What is this feeling...? [All black butler boys X reader]

What is this feeling...? [All black butler boys X reader]

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Demonadvacado By CronaGorgon88 Updated Sep 07, 2016

Your name if (F/N) (L/N). You didn't really have a home, but that's fine with you. You are fine with being alone, independent, you got money from people once in a while by acting as a temporary servant or something like that. But one day you run into something you wouldn't expect... you fell asleep in front of a large mansion after an encounter with a very... interesting person... and next thing you know, you're staying there, what'll happen while your there? But why do you never stay at your job as a servant? I was it because you didn't want to be independent, or for another reason...?

Aqoncia Aqoncia 2 days ago
Oh my god the fans are coming the fans are coming fans are coming omg the fans are coming lets run my dear lady.
kawaii-potato82 kawaii-potato82 Sep 09, 2016
I just thought of something to..
                              I am running for my life~
                              For my life~
                              For my life~ 
                              For my life~ 
                              I am running for my life~
                              Please dont kill me~
NotAllThatDifferent NotAllThatDifferent Jun 20, 2016
Thanks so much!!! Every story I read it says "you put your hair in a ponytail" and I'm thinking.... 'How?"
Wow nothing sketchy about a stranger falling asleep outside your house😑
ShadowOfTheFoxdemon ShadowOfTheFoxdemon Jul 14, 2016
Haru:*Reading the text at the ending and got creep out...well not relly cuz right now im singing or more like screaming to tyler about the song and it will a an accelent yandere or killer tune.)
juststigma juststigma Jun 14, 2015
perfect! but for some reason I have a feeling that there are gonna be some pervs in this book idk why its probably from the other books I read but I'll just read the next chapters to make sure