The Mermaid Princess And Her Prince {Gray x Reader} #Wattys2016

The Mermaid Princess And Her Prince {Gray x Reader} #Wattys2016

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(Y/N) was a princess, the princess of the sea. And all she ever wanted was to do the same thing her mother did: become human. Well, one lucky day,  (Y/N) went to look for the only person in the world, who could make wishes come true. Agatha of Woods Beyond was her name. There is just one problem, In order for (Y/N) to stay human, she has to fall in love in 30 days, or else she was doomed to be a mermaid for life.

(Y/N) has looked for the perfect guy, day after day until the one who would lead to Ever After, was under her nose all along. But one person stood in their way, one girl who'd stop at nothing from ruining a Fairy Tale. Agatha lost her fairy tale ending to a witch, and one girl would now ruin (Y/N)'s. For a witch needs to ruin a Fairy Tale to be happy. 
Theres always 3 in a fairy tale, the Witch, The Hero, and The Princess. 

But the question remains; who's the witch?


But does the witch have to be Juvia? Why not someone else, like- oh, nevermind I get it if she found out she would go all jealous and be like 'love rival, love rival' all over me...
Livv01 Livv01 Oct 10
*Thinks of every water wizard* 🤔... 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😮😮😮😧
Do you happen to read or have read "school for good and evil"? Cuz' I have that book. I wanted to sak you because when I read " agatha of woods beyond" the book popped out in to my mind.
If frozen and The little mermaid had a baby, it would be this story.
I read the description and thought, "Have they read The School for Good and Evil books?" XD
Cloud-Chan Cloud-Chan Sep 17
DON'T LET YO MEMES BE DREAMS!!! (if you know where that's from I love you)