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10th circle of hell By xo-Iriva-xo Updated May 04, 2015

//She's got fire in her hair
    Ice in her eyes
   And poison in her heart
 if you fall in love, you wouldn't last long enough to survive//

Bella was a loser before, ugly, pathetic. It was great she went away.

She came back.
More Popular.


But at least the girl before used to smile.

.///She infiltrates your heart like poison.
And you don't realize as the more you want the taste of her.
She's killing you inside.//.

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Queen_antoinette Queen_antoinette May 08, 2015
I really like the ''gold'' theme incorporated in here, so poetic and sophisticated, you should be proud.
Queen_antoinette Queen_antoinette Apr 24, 2015
I stumbled onto your story by accident but I'm glad I did. You write beautifully.
xo-Iriva-xo xo-Iriva-xo Apr 08, 2015
@ and I'm in love with you....(jk, i'm sooo mean)
                              Her Gran is well no ordinary cookie-baking, adorable ball of love grandma and this chap was about 3 pgs right?
                              I got some glitches and it only stooped at the 1st page.
goldenbird_ goldenbird_ Apr 08, 2015
OMG that's so sad how the fvck does her grandma have enough energy to beat her?
goldenbird_ goldenbird_ Apr 08, 2015
Hey bish saw the dedication 
                              Best way to know when someone updates
ratatootie ratatootie Apr 08, 2015
most grandparents are old and beg for massages but this one beats kids