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His Drug Problem

His Drug Problem

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Em. By FireHazard Updated Jul 05, 2015

"I think," Ben mumbled, "I think I might have a drug problem."

I glanced over at him, before turning to look at the ground. "Well," I shuffled my feet, "maybe you should stop doing them."

He glanced up at me, his icy blue eyes staring intensely at me as he slowly walked towards me. I gulped, not knowing what to do. This is the closest we've ever been! What can I say? I backed up the closer he got, until eventually my back hit a wall and I realized I was trapped. 

He came until he was just inches from me, putting his mouth near my ear, making me shiver at the feel of his breath on my neck. 

"You don't understand, Alison," he chuckled bitterly, "you are my drug problem."

Koolkolabestie Koolkolabestie Mar 30, 2016
Tune out to the static sound of the DUDES RADIO THAT WONT STFU
I thought it said 'The vagina weather has been nice and warm lately' Omf 😂 I just died.
LoveHoney8 LoveHoney8 Nov 06, 2016
Am I the only one that thinks of the Matched books when I hear Kai?
mysticenchilada mysticenchilada Aug 20, 2016
Maybe cause Obama likes that song dang woman don't be such a boob punch
helpilostmyname helpilostmyname Sep 13, 2016
My cat doesn't cry, she's an emotionless bitch of steel the only thing she does is hiss and meow for food
xXStrattosphereXx xXStrattosphereXx Jul 07, 2015
Well yeah but who said it had to be peaceful? Isis isn't peaceful. That's not fair yoga instructor I don't want to be peaceful. Where was I going with this? Okay in done