Listen To Your Heart (A KaiSoo Fanfic)

Listen To Your Heart (A KaiSoo Fanfic)

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KaiSoo Trash By kfnye98 Completed

Jongin's life wasn't what most people would call extraordinary. He was a waiter at a local restaurant in his city and a student who spent his days in the dance studio. His life was just a record stuck on replay. Until the day that he saw the ever so silent Kyungsoo.

"You don't need hearing to listen to your heart."

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I already read this story actually, but it's honestly so goooood I'm going to read it again
I can never put a song as my alarm i'd just completely hate it
My alarm clock is Rytham Ta
                              And everytime I keep jammin when I wake up
Potato-Lord Potato-Lord Mar 21
Really. Kris is the chef! Now i know why they don't have alot of customers
Kris cooking? Why don't you make him an artist while you're at it.. I'm just joking I like it :)
TylerHerondale TylerHerondale Jul 30, 2015
i dont even know what this will be about but i know it will be interesting