Loving You

Loving You

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*In The Middle Of Slowly Rewriting* 
Written when I was 13 (Almost 4 years ago)
Horrible spelling and grammar mistakes. (Just a warning to ppl. Please I'm begging you , do not correct things in the comments. I know there are mistakes. I don't need you to remind me. Thanks)

Adrianna was never the most popular, or pretty girl. But she had a good heart and hopes and dreams she wanted to live up to. 
But i suppose there is a snake in every garden. Problems in every persona life, no matter how good they may seem.
Adrianna is a girl who is so fearful of becoming her parents. And no matter how much she loves them, she knows they are not good people.
Rich and entitled with no care in the world for anyone else. Blinded by their money they judge people before even knowing them. And they let their only daughter live her life pretending to be someone else.
But no one can be perfect. And it might be a tough and painful road as she begins to realize that. But its good to have a little help on the road trip of life.
And by the next move, to a new state, and a new house, with a new school she begins to meet new people.
One in particular is Justin White. A Charismatic asshole with quite an interest in her and her life.
He is everything her parents would hate. And maybe exactly what she needs.

Amazing cover by @LittleWriter202

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elliietricity elliietricity Mar 13, 2017
Even when there's a fire? Cool. Just let your daughter burn.
ilyashtonirwin ilyashtonirwin Apr 03, 2017
this is why I'm scared to tell my parents I want to do music bc i know this will their reaction
Very good start to this story can already tell I'm be a fan of urs
Narjas100 Narjas100 Apr 12, 2017
i feel so bad for her, and i hate her parents. It's her life her chooses, she has the right to live her life the way she wants, her parents don't have the right to do that.
Sounds like my life...I already have feel a connection with this book
elliietricity elliietricity Mar 13, 2017
Well what do I know about college when I don't even go to one