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How to Make a Great Creepypasta! (But Not Necessarily OCs)

How to Make a Great Creepypasta! (But Not Necessarily OCs)

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Charlie Koffman By Charlieisntthere Updated Feb 11

These are some tips on how to make a creepypasta OC that won't become what is known as a 'Mary Sue' or 'Gary Stu'.

These are also tips on how to actually write your creepypasta, too!

Proud to say that I only have one Caucasian OC, and it's a Welsh girl (since most Creepypasta seem to be American).
A_Child_Universe A_Child_Universe Nov 13, 2016
My OC has little roots in her mouth and willow branches at her back (which she can retract into her body, making her appear taller and thicker) and has sage green hair (which she got at the same time when she developed her branches and roots)
                              Crap.... My OC is Caucasian....
AnimeIsCool91021 AnimeIsCool91021 Nov 17, 2016
DA DA DA DA DA DANANA DA DA DADADADADADA  (tries to play bonetrousle through words)
cutiepasta cutiepasta Sep 22, 2016
Mine is a satire character who wears nothing but red and black just because of her eyes and she's a redhead. The joke is she can never wear anything else but those colors.
My OC is half-singaporean, half-indonesian but she was based off of my friend
lygnoz21 lygnoz21 Dec 11, 2016
Well i draw my own but I don't think im not creative with the name and the story