T'hy'la (A Spirk Fanfiction)

T'hy'la (A Spirk Fanfiction)

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multi_fandxm By multi_fandxm Updated Aug 28, 2016

•Currently under editing, fixing grammar/spelling mistakes•

Spock is in love with Jim. His soft hair, his blue eyes, his selflessness, he's the only thing Spock can't suppress his feelings for. But how can he tell him? Jim's obviously in love with Carol....wait. Is he? Jim's future with Spock will be determined by one twisted turn of events. But, they're not the only ones with feelings. T'hy'la follows three couples aboard the Enterprise through complicated and twisted adventures.

This story can be read as TOS or AOS.

I would like to dedicate this story to the all wonderful actors and actresses of the original series we've lost over the years.

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Spock x Scotty... I ship it I mean the only person I ship Scotty with is jaylah so
AvaHolland AvaHolland Feb 04, 2016
I would say I was having a mild fangirl attack but nope its full fledged
Why_Not_13 Why_Not_13 Jul 28, 2016
Hate is too strong of an emotion to waste on someone you don't care about.
Sociopathbrony Sociopathbrony Jul 23, 2016
Agreed, it does make it easier and slightly more amusing. 
                              When I need a russian name I usually use pavel or chekov as first/last names (but not together)
FishlingPlaz FishlingPlaz Jul 18, 2016
I'm so glad u wrote his accent, I like to read the characters voices so this made it easier to do Chekov's. Thank you!! :3
EmoLemonFrogDad EmoLemonFrogDad Oct 06, 2016
I mean... Chekov is really cute and i love him so much but come on bones