He's not afraid of all the attention - Niall Centric

He's not afraid of all the attention - Niall Centric

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Niall's a Fucking Twink. By bottomniallaf Updated Sep 21

What if not only one but four boys fall in love with you? And what if you're just totally oblivious about it?

'N-Niall, I think we all k-kind of have the s-same issue,' Harry stutters.

(Pleaaase contact me if you're good at making covers bc I suck at it big time lol)

bottomniallaf bottomniallaf Apr 07, 2015
@EvangelineSerina hahah I know :) For some reason, I memorized your username xD
EvangelineSerina EvangelineSerina Apr 07, 2015
Yaasss i found you on ao3 and wattpad yaaaasss, if you don't remember me, i'm the one who commented about wanting some narry drama lol
bottomniallaf bottomniallaf Apr 03, 2015
@loveforirishcharm Liam does ;) And me. And you. Haha, but thanks! Ly
loveforirishcharm loveforirishcharm Apr 03, 2015
A wonderful chapter babe:) Already I  hooked to this story. Who doesn't love having Niall top of them?????