Kuroshitsuji yaoi ~ His Butler, Fraustrated (Sebastian x Ciel)

Kuroshitsuji yaoi ~ His Butler, Fraustrated (Sebastian x Ciel)

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Levi Ackerman By Anime2473 Updated Sep 27, 2015

Kuroshitsuji yaoi ~ His Butler, Fraustrated (Sebastian x Ciel)
Summary: Sebastian discovers for the first time in over a 100 years he is sexually frustrated and he needs a release. he is left to try and perform his duties with a master who insists on needing help every 5 minutes...will Ciel discover Sebastain's dirty side and what will happen if he does?
Status: In progress
Warning: This contains mature content 18+ and although not in this chapter will become a yaoi in the coming chapters, you have been warned!!!

Pairing: SebastianXCiel

Disclaimer: I do not own Kuroshitsuji and all the characters within this story are taken from the manga/anime the artist and publishers own the rights.

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-MattJeevas- -MattJeevas- Jun 11, 2016
"And even May-Rinn, Bard and Finny were doing a better job of looking after the house"
LobsterBits LobsterBits Mar 28, 2016
Ciel: *Hears Sebastian moaning his name * This is just......
                              Sebastian:C..CIEL OH HARDER~
                              Ciel: * blushes * Sebastian as soon as you get out of that bathroom,I'm going to hit you over and over again.....
HeyYou_NotYou_You HeyYou_NotYou_You Jan 21, 2016
Rose are Red
                              Torns are Prickly
                              Lets just Say...
                              That escaleted Quickly..
DogBearDog DogBearDog Jan 05, 2016
Ciel: *hears Sebastian* ..... *Lil lump in the blankets* ........... 
                              Sebastian: *moans his name*
                              Ciel: GOD DANMIT
cutiegirl2001 cutiegirl2001 Aug 31, 2015
This too too much agh wanna read but honestly it's like too much in a good way