Kuroshitsuji yaoi ~ His Butler, Fraustrated (Sebastian x Ciel)

Kuroshitsuji yaoi ~ His Butler, Fraustrated (Sebastian x Ciel)

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Levi Ackerman By Anime2473 Updated Sep 27, 2015

Kuroshitsuji yaoi ~ His Butler, Fraustrated (Sebastian x Ciel)
Summary: Sebastian discovers for the first time in over a 100 years he is sexually frustrated and he needs a release. he is left to try and perform his duties with a master who insists on needing help every 5 minutes...will Ciel discover Sebastain's dirty side and what will happen if he does?
Status: In progress
Warning: This contains mature content 18+ and although not in this chapter will become a yaoi in the coming chapters, you have been warned!!!

Pairing: SebastianXCiel

Disclaimer: I do not own Kuroshitsuji and all the characters within this story are taken from the manga/anime the artist and publishers own the rights.

"And even May-Rinn, Bard and Finny were doing a better job of looking after the house"
Ciel: *Hears Sebastian moaning his name * This is just......
                              Sebastian:C..CIEL OH HARDER~
                              Ciel: * blushes * Sebastian as soon as you get out of that bathroom,I'm going to hit you over and over again.....
Rose are Red
                              Torns are Prickly
                              Lets just Say...
                              That escaleted Quickly..
Spuffie Spuffie Jan 05
Ciel: *hears Sebastian* ..... *Lil lump in the blankets* ........... 
                              Sebastian: *moans his name*
                              Ciel: GOD DANMIT
cutiegirl2001 cutiegirl2001 Aug 31, 2015
This too too much agh wanna read but honestly it's like too much in a good way