Unbroken || Dan Howell x  reader

Unbroken || Dan Howell x reader

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Moving to London, finally. New people, new home, new life. You can forget all of your problems back in North America, with the help of someone special...
Forewarning: I wrote this story around two years ago, so I apologize for all the spelling mistakes, grammar issues and the overall overused plot. My writing has since improved, but I'd rather not edit and correct all these things for the sake of looking back on how much I've grown and changed, writing-wise. 
Thanks for your understanding!

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bird9223 bird9223 5 days ago
Is it sad that I am hearing them say this stuff with there accent
bird9223 bird9223 5 days ago
London it my city sorry my sister is overly obsessed with Jake pPaul and crap
I would be  t e r r i f i e d  to have that happen. I wouldn’t even want to meet them if I was a neighbour they’d be so uncomfortable I couldn’t even
CAN EVERYONE WHO IS AMERICAN SHUT UP!!! EVERYONE HAS AN ACCENT! E v e r y o n e. IN THE ENTIRE WORLD! Just because it sounds normal to you doesn't mean it actually is. Its simply all you know.
I have been a long time with out cutting but I still always scratch my wrists
WOAH just a bit ago I read as, I was listening to mcr on the plane and now I'm wearing the shirt! yeee