Black And White [A Killua Zoldyck Fanfiction]

Black And White [A Killua Zoldyck Fanfiction]

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Stella Agatha W. By -semiartificial Completed

"Everyone was once pure, innocent, and clean; like the color white." He said, and he turned to look at me. "And once they're tainted, they become dirty, evil, and unwanted; like the color black." He turned away, looking distant now.

"Once you're black, you can't turn back to white. Like how you can't turn back to a good person once you become bad." He finished.

"But can't we just erase the black? Like how we erase the mistakes we make while writing something?" I asked.

He chuckled. "I wish it was that easy for me, (Y/N)." Killua said, and he walked away; possibly forever.

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Jeez, English isn't your first language? You still have a wider vocabulary than most of the kids in my school who's first language IS English XD
Kirasms Kirasms Aug 12, 2017
My dad told me I couldn't get a boyfriend and her thought was my actual response
anoldaccount anoldaccount Jul 07, 2017
Hahahahahahaha I'm sorry author-chan but I isn't a dress type of girl.... How about just some black cargo shorts,  a dark grey tanktop and a black hoodie over it...... And converse cause rose is a tomboy :3
PaelenSummers PaelenSummers Apr 16, 2017
No offense, but she wore a hoodie. Over. A. Dress. Is that weird to ANYONE else?!?!?
AnimeIsLife1219 AnimeIsLife1219 Apr 03, 2017
If english isnt your main language then what is it im curious i want to know plz
yvetfs yvetfs Jun 02, 2017
I just thought about :
                              Me : Mom I want to die.
                              Mom : NO '-' 
                              Me : Pwease, pwetty pwease
                              Mom : I. SAID. NO. è_é
                              Me : *puppy eyes*
                              Mom : .... Ok. Then die.