broken boy ❀ stiles stilinski

broken boy ❀ stiles stilinski

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Stiles, an ADHD teenager who's life was turned upside down when his best friend Scott was turned into a werewolf and was then introduced to the supernatural world. He had gone through many hard times throughout his life. 
From the death of her mother to being possessed by an evil spirit. 
After the struggling fight to win over the Nogitsune's possession of his body, he fell into a deep depression due to the deaths caused by his own hands. 
Everyone tries to help with slowly it's happening. 
But what happens when he starts seeing him again and strange things start to happen on the town of Beacon Hills.

- -

I started writing this when I was 12 turning to 13 so I apologize in advance. :)

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RuneMockingjaySerum RuneMockingjaySerum Aug 10, 2017
When you wanna forget about watching 6B and go binge all of season 3
gretacorveta gretacorveta Mar 05, 2016
Oh Stile poor baby he blames him self for what happen to Allison and Aiden
EpiclyFailingAtLife EpiclyFailingAtLife Jul 05, 2016
Not gonna lie, this video kinda made me attracted to void stiles...
IDoNotDoSports IDoNotDoSports Aug 15, 2016
And suddenly I feel like I'm in some sort of space movie and all communications have been cut off.
Funny_funny_funny Funny_funny_funny Apr 08, 2015