I'm Cupid

I'm Cupid

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| maria | By mia_harley Updated Dec 17, 2016

"They say that Cupid is the most beautiful creature in the world. Flawless hair, lips, skin, eyes, everything. Cupid is the definition of perfection. 

The prophecy tells that Cupid has a mate. One male in the whole world will be ignorant to her natural charm. One man, will have to fall in love with her the regular way. If Cupid doesn't find his mate, she will slowly go crazy until death seems the only option. Everyone wants Cupid. But Cupid just wants one person."  

That's me. I'm Cupid.

• • • •

Meet Angel Hawlls.

A twenty year old girl, with a tiny bit of a secret. 

She's Cupid. The actual, supposedly flying baby that shoots random arrows at strangers.

And somewhere around the world, there's a guy that should fall in love with her without the use of any arrows, by the power of soul mates and destiny. 

If that doesn't happen, Angel might as well call it a night, forever. 

Add in a crazy mother, a hesitant mate, and a whole lot of confusion, and what do you get? 

An unforgettable journey, of course.

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RhysLarren RhysLarren Jun 16, 2016
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Slick_Slytherin14 Slick_Slytherin14 Aug 24, 2014
@mia_harley thank you, p.s I'm absolutely in love with that song. I've been listening to it all day non-stop. :)
y13131313 y13131313 Feb 18, 2013
Oh and I love that music video to that's were I got my idea of a book please read it
y13131313 y13131313 Feb 18, 2013
You have a great plot starting I can't wait to get ahead please update!!!!
y13131313 y13131313 Feb 18, 2013
Oh my god I love this book even know nothing really has happened but still keep updating!!!
slymey slymey Jan 11, 2013
I think this is a great start. I have a feeling this story will go pretty well if you hit it in the right places, it has potential and it's something I would love to read. Keep on writing :)