Subway Crush •NaLu•✔

Subway Crush •NaLu•✔

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Aiah Mendez ♥ By SerenadeThis Completed

Note: This story will probably make you feel a roller coaster ride of emotions :)
Lucy fell in love with the guy she always ride a train with, but what if something happens that makes her change her daily routine.

HighestRank: #57 in Humor


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Le_Otaku_Reader Le_Otaku_Reader Nov 29, 2017
AHHH!! YOUR STORIES IS SOO NICE!!!! IT'S SUPERB!! I can always see the title in each story like Lock me up and Suki Daisuki...Onii-chan!!!!
                              And this...well it said in the title and the prologue. I hope i enjoy this story!😊 (probably)
Spooghetti Spooghetti Nov 13, 2017
When I first read the title I though for a split second the fast food place 'Subway'......I'm an idiot 🤦🏻‍♀️
0Charisma0 0Charisma0 Jun 17, 2017
*when no one loves you so you love yourself instead* IM MY OWN RELATIONSHIP!!! XD
xXThat_HipsterXx xXThat_HipsterXx Sep 02, 2017
Omg! Question, is that your middle name? It's so cute! ❤️
klfelt klfelt Sep 08, 2017
I LOVED IT! By the way, I decided to read this because my sis sent me a pic of her library and I say this, thought it sounded good and boom! Here we are!
Natsu's the only anime guy who can pull off salmon/pink hair