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Selection (Book 2 of P.O.E. chronicles)

Selection (Book 2 of P.O.E. chronicles)

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Nam By shadowcheah Completed

Evolution had created us. Allowed us to be different, given us a chance to survive outside the walls of Citybases. But evolution had also made them. They might not be as intelligent as we are, but nature is on their side this time around. 

This is a game of survival; a game to see who adapt faster and grow stronger. You have no idea who your enemies are or what to believe. All you can do is try your best to stay alive. Nature only favours those with the right adaptation, ruthlessly eliminating the rest.
Nature will make you. It will also break you.
Only the fittest survives.
  (This is the book 2 of POE chronicles - please check out book 1 Evolution first )
  Amazing cover by @MulanJiang

Dari_pp Dari_pp Feb 19, 2016
I just wonder why you changed legres to lupes... I still love you story it's amazing
cookiemonsterabby cookiemonsterabby Sep 27, 2016
I keep looking that up. It keeps saying that's not a page 😕
JL_Otaku JL_Otaku Sep 27, 2016
Aw, man! I thought this was a continuation of what you did at the end of the first book. Rats.
                              Wait, ARE you going to be do a "Secret Origins of Tom Triole" for this book?
Beatific21 Beatific21 Feb 03
Why is Gail such a weakling?? As for Owen, I'm choosing denial right now 😔😔😔
emilita emilita Mar 02, 2016
No no no!! I want Owen to stay!! Way to start the first chapter with a bang!
Michael1969 Michael1969 Apr 01, 2016
Hey I'm posting here to give you a heads up as I told you I had just finished a book one a couple hours ago and the last thing you left off at was there running from the soldiers Into the Woods and you started this one with them running from lupus not sure if you realized it or not