They Don't Know About Us (Joshaya)

They Don't Know About Us (Joshaya)

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FriarsHart By FriarsHart Updated Nov 18, 2015

The Matthews Family Have A Reunion. Since Maya's Dad Left Her, And Her Moms Never Home, Maya's Staying With Her Best Friend Riley.

When Maya Meets Rileys Uncle For The First Time In Years, She Starts To Feel Something She Never Felt For Anyone Else.

Does Josh Feel The Same Way?
What Will The Matthews Think?

Read To Find Out.

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Lucindaaa_ Lucindaaa_ Jan 14, 2017
Aww I was looking forward to the "sweet I'd be your aunt" part :(
Feenay Feenay Feb 23, 2016
                              THEY DONT KNOW SBOUT THE "I LOVE YOU'S"
                              BUT I BET YOU ID THEY ONLY KNEW
                              THEY WOULD JUST BE JEALOUS OF US
                              lol sorry that's all I could think of when reading the title
NirvannaTaehyung NirvannaTaehyung Jun 04, 2016
Well if you marry her invite me to the wedding 😉.... also remember Maya would become Riley's aunt 👍
Feenay Feenay Feb 23, 2016
Boyyyyy were you paying attention to the conversation you just had with her?
                              "Uncle Josh!"
                              "I'm not your uncle Maya!"
                              "Even better"
                              SHES CLEARLY INTO YOU :(
SupeLarry SupeLarry Nov 09, 2015
I love the name of this it's the name of a one direction song and I'm a huge fan of them. Which is weird cause I'm like 12 and I still love Disney and nick