The Story Of Us: His Destiny ✔ (Book #1 of TSOU Series)

The Story Of Us: His Destiny ✔ (Book #1 of TSOU Series)

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She's one of a kind, he's individual. She is as special as her name, he doesn't consider himself anywhere as great as his namesake. She's called an angel, he has his own demons. She only sees the brightest stars, his eyes only views the black sky. She lives in her present, he dwells in his past. Her heart is as pure as the driven snow, he has a heart darker than the blackest night. She believes in fairytales, his life is a tragedy. Her family matters the most, he family isn't always his priority. She is as chirpy as the morning birds, his calmness reflects the night's menacing silence. She makes friends easily, he has an impenetrable wall around himself. She values joy, he only has sorrow. She's fun-loving, he works like a robot. She believes in love, he knows enough hate. She can feel every emotion, he only knows pain. Her job is her dream, his work is his escape. She is starting her career, he is already established. She is excited for the new chapter, he is least bothered. 

What will happen, when these two people with drastically different lives, collide with each other, unintentionally entering each other's life and heart? Will the girl be able to penetrate the walls the guy had built around himself or will he push her out with his everything? Will she soften his nonexistent heart or will he turn her bitter as well? 

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1) Later chapters of the book are unavailable as I'm still to finish rewriting them. Sorry for the inconvenience.

2) I'm trying my best to finish rewriting the book before I begin my last semester, so hopefully, will post back all the chapters.

3) If you want to read the first version, please head over to my profile and find the first draft.

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