The Story Of Us: His Destiny (Rewriting and Editing)

The Story Of Us: His Destiny (Rewriting and Editing)

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She was one of a kind, he was individual. She was as special as her name, he didn't consider himself anywhere as great as his namesake. She was called an angel, he had his own demons. She only saw the brightest stars, his eyes only viewed the black sky. She lived in her present, he dwelled in his past. Her heart was as pure as the driven snow, he had a heart darker than the blackest night. She believed in fairytales, his life was a tragedy. Her family mattered the most, he didn't care much for his family. She was as chirpy as the morning birds, his calmness reflected the night's menacing silence. She made friends easily, he had an impenetrable wall around himself. She valued joy, he only had sorrow. She was fun-loving, he worked like a robot. She believed in love, he knew enough hate. She could feel every emotion, he only felt pain. Her job was her dream, his work was his escape. She was starting her career, he was already established. She was excited for the new chapter, he was least bothered. 

What would happen, when these two people with drastically different lives, collide with each other, unintentionally entering each other's life and heart? Will the girl be able to penetrate the walls the guy had built around himself or will he push her out with his everything? Will she soften his nonexistent heart or will he turn her bitter as well? 

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- - Dec 21, 2015
mauli Are u assking these  tory to read it again?  means only  Edited part
- - Nov 16, 2015
OMG !!! Really the prologue is  great  & iam big fan of u 
                              please publish ur book commerically  it will be superhit:):)
lazyyy2 lazyyy2 Jun 28, 2015
hey i have no prob at all with the gramatical mistakes and typo errors.. because my eng skills itself too bad..Lol.
                              anyways what we wanna express through our story is important, not the language.. so no prob.
lazyyy2 lazyyy2 Jun 28, 2015
hey I must say ur an awesome writer dude. The way of ur writing is really nice and its really enjoyable to read. 
                              BTW nice prologue.
Lidia_Parker Lidia_Parker Jun 25, 2015
I really like ur writing style............its different and explicit!
KeshabRanabhatt KeshabRanabhatt May 30, 2015
You are definitely a rising writer 
                              Love to read every article of you
                              You are too Awesome Awesome :)
                              Keep it up !!