Renesmee's Twin Sister.

Renesmee's Twin Sister.

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Roxanne is Renesmee's twin sister. She was given to the Volturi by her family until she reaches the age of 16, then she will return to her family. The reason for this was when the Volturi was going to kill Renesmee and Roxanne, Alice found proof that Renesmee was not a danger in the future because she was like other hybrids. Although, they found that Roxanne was different, she was growing at human pace. They didn't know what she would be like in the future, so they gave the Cullen's a choice. Either they will kill Roxanne, or she will live with the Volturi for 16 years so they can keep an eye on her. They choose the second choice because they didn't want her to die. When Roxanne hit the age of 5 Aro discovered that she had a gift, and he wanted her to stay with the Volturi. He thinks that her gift would make the Volturi more powerful. He decided that he would cut all contact she would of had with the Cullen's, and bring her up to not know them. So he thought at the time she reaches 16, she wouldn't go with them because they would be strangers and she would rather stay with the Volturi. What would Roxanne think when she finds out she has a real family? Will she forgive Aro and the others? Would she stay with the Volturi or be with her family? Also what happens when a wolf imprints on Roxanne?  Keep reading to find out what happens.

All right's belong to Stephenie Meyers. The only character's which are mine are Roxanne, and some other's which aren't included in the twilight series that I have added.

I would like to thank Tashabvbarmy for making me the cover for the story! She's amazing! Go follow her: @Tashabvbarmy

I wrote this story years ago when I was around the age of 14 so please don't judge it too harshly. I'm British, so there will be errors. It's not nor ever will be properly edited, I just thought I'd keep it on here for anyone who wants to read it I guess. ☺️

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DramaNerd DramaNerd Sep 10, 2015
Although, you British people are really awesome! I love your accents. Mine sounds bland and plain.
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Im american and proud. Although you British people have a awesome accent Im proud to say im a american born and raised in Colorado. Just saying my peace.
OfficialSkittleLover OfficialSkittleLover Dec 08, 2014
Sure you can use the character info, as long as I'm credited:)
younowbabes4life younowbabes4life Dec 04, 2014
I just want to ask it would be ok for me to write down info of ur characters so my friend can write Twilight fanfic to post on here also if she gives you credit for the characters
devilfruituser118 devilfruituser118 Sep 29, 2014
Yay I love British people they are awesome, much better than us muricans
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Please please please marry me British people are so cool!!! Especially you're accents!!! Btw, jk on the whole 'marrying thing' hehe, just..... Ok. I'm just gunna...... Keep reading. *awkward*