USUK: Loving You From Afar

USUK: Loving You From Afar

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A M A I By galacticwxnders Updated Mar 28

This is a USUK fanfiction about their long distance relationship.

Arthur Kirkland is  a 16 year old student in Secondary School in London, England.
His luck hasn't exactly been the best throughout his entire life, family-wise and school-wise. He was smart, but his lack of popularity seemed to put him to a stop in progressing.
Even when no one was there, quite regularly, he pushed himself, promised himself that it would get better.

Alfred Jones is a 17 year old student in High School in Washington DC, USA.
Quite a popular student, Alfred was elected to be Class President in his home room. He is well-liked and appreciated across his grade, as he is always positive and cheerful; keeping everyone in a good mood.
He thought his life couldn't possibly get better. But, boy, he was wrong.


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i'm born and raised American 
                              but i'm French-Canadian, English,Scottish,German, and Italian
Pickosita5 Pickosita5 Mar 10
*just a lonely Mexican-American sitting in the corner, drinking chocolate abuelita, watching the world around me become a sh*t hole*
this is me 
                              i am Alfred 
                              this is my life 
                              -_- though my real life is more like Arthur 
                              except for the fact that my family wold care if i was gone 
                              i doubt the kids in my school would though
I'm just your average awkward American who just so happens to act like Canada does
Cidneypizza Cidneypizza Mar 28
I have read none of this but if someone dies I will go insane!!!! Other wise I'm excited
Hungerslayers Hungerslayers Aug 14, 2016
I like how all the Americans are filling the comments and I'm here like "...I'm a werid American.."