Half Human, Half Lion {A Narnia Fanfiction} -Completed-

Half Human, Half Lion {A Narnia Fanfiction} -Completed-

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Leona or Leo for short is the daughter of Narnia's king Aslan. For her being a daughter of a lion, she has the ears, tail, whiskers, little black nose and a cats most trustworthy weapon, her claws with the ability to roar. She has grown up in two worlds. One world is her birth home called Narnia, another world called earth where when she appears on earth... She no longer has her lion features. She has known the professor ever since she could walk and roar. At the age of 13 she met the Pevensies. At first she thought that she would just meet them and move on, she never thought that they would find out about her little magical world where she hides most of the time and see her true self.


This fanfic in based of the movie The Chronicles of Narnia The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe. I do not own anything except Leo and anything I make up. Everything else is not mine.

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Hufflepuff10167 Hufflepuff10167 Jun 04, 2017
I have a OC named Leo and she is a girl  I also have a OC named Max and she's a girl
AngelBeats0726 AngelBeats0726 Jul 24, 2017
A girl can be named Leo if the parent wants their name to be Leo. I personally would think that it would be cool.
TheSweetMango TheSweetMango Dec 11, 2016
But seriously, though. Who is her mother??? I mean, why is she HALF lion? I don't like where this is going... 😐😶
JaceyHogwartsHeroess JaceyHogwartsHeroess Nov 12, 2016
Same with name comment! I love her name and how it goes with the story all the while being so fricking adorable and awesome! Seriously I love it!❤️
MoeMoe-sama MoeMoe-sama Dec 29, 2016
Not to seem bitchy or anything but my best friend's name is Leo and she's a girl
teenage_book_lover teenage_book_lover Mar 23, 2016
I love that her name's Leo! 'cause Leo is the lion star and she is half lion... That's probably why you called her Leo.... I'm gonna shut up now....